About Us

Ready to Learn was founded in 2019 to provide access to high-quality educational and therapy opportunities to underserved children with autism and their families. In Ethiopia, there are very limited opportunities for a child with special needs to attend a traditional school. Additionally, there are too few therapy centers and parental resources available for these children and their families. Ready to Learn exists to instill INDEPENDENCE by creating and INDIVIDUAL plan for each child using INNOVATIVE and IMAGINATIVE strategies. Our goal is that a student would complete the program with the foundational skills necessary to be successful in life and future academics. 

Out of this desire to wrap around families and provide wider training, our early intervention and parenting classes were born. Early Intervention introduces infants and young toddlers to a safe, fun, and creative classroom setting to begin their lifelong learning journey. The Parenting Class will offer helpful techniques for new and veteran parents. Our goal with this class is to encourage and equip the students to be confident and loving caregivers. 

Both the school and therapy center exists not to heal but to empower families and children. We look forward to coming alongside you in your journey.  


Are you ready to learn?

Ready to Learn teachers are trained in and utilize Applied Behavior Therapy (ABA) and the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) in the classroom.

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